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Monday, January 27th

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Dinner Specials

Tonight's Featured Drink

Apple Martini $9.95


Nachos with Meat Sauce & Cheese $8.95

Fried Calamari$10.95

Chile Con Carne $8.95

Bowl $5.95 | Cup $4.50

French Onion Soup $5.95

Black Bean Soup $5.95

Served with Tortilla Chips & Sour Cream 


Served with a Glass of Wine & Soup or Salad

Chicken Noodle

Lentil $5.95

Matzo Ball

Cream of Corn


Chicken Siciliano$16.95

Sausage, Peppers, black Olives & Onions in a Pink Sauce. Tossed with Penne Pasta

Chicken Oreganata $15.95

Served with Lemon Roasted Potatoes

Meat Lasagna$15.95

Served with Greek Salad

Hot Open Roast Beef $16.95

Served with Mashed Potato & Corn

Broiled Atlantic Salmon $21.95

Served with Potatoes and Grilled Vegetables 

Char-Broiled Rumanian Steak$27.95

Served with Baked Potato & Grilled Vegetables.

B.B.Q Ribs$18.95

Served with Corn & Baked Sweet Potato


Lemon Meringue$4.45

Carrot Cake $4.95

Strawberry Cheese Cake$5.45

Coconut Cream Pie$4.45

Cheese Cake $4.95

Chocolate Mousse $5.45